Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moonlight Sonata

Since his meltdown, Elliott had returned to his apartment in disarray. He lay sprawled on smelly bedsheets in a light slumber, turning over every minute and with sweat beading on his forehead. But as the clock struck 11:51 PM, Elliott jerked upright in his bed, apparently deciding that sleep would not be coming. This realization had evidently made its way to most other citizens, as when Elliott opened his blinds, his irises collapsed on contact with the bright lights of hundreds of still-lit kitchens, the showing of "The Little Mermaid," and the flashlights of hundreds of people relaxing in the night-air at the local park. Elliott had no desire to sleep, and with his inevitable departure from the Olive Garden franchise firmly in his manager's sights, he decided to go out and enjoy the night with the rest of the town's population.
Elliott's anger and frustrations with himself immediately began shrinking when he walked into the cool, cleansed air. Sure, his life hadn't gone anywhere for the past five years, and if anything, he was worse off than he used to be. He had proven to his parents that he, at the ripe age of 27, could not commit to a goal for longer than two months, he had put on 25 pounds, and had begun to bald from the stress of it all. But for some odd reason, stress no longer plagued his thoughts every time he let his mind wander. Elliott decided that he was going to enjoy himself for once. Maybe he would have an epiphany about what to do with his life, maybe he wouldn't, but Elliott definitely was going to have one unforgettable night.
However, as Elliott would later find out, eight shots of Johnnie Walker have a tendency to make someone completely forget their night. And Elliott did in fact come to this realization as he awoke with a bone-dry mouth and a throbbing headache on a single pew where St. Cecilia's Church once stood.